As a requirement, before you can use any of the tools, functions, or services offered by Trust Haven Solution, you must read and agree to be bound by every one of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement. Should you access any element of this site, use any functions, tools, or services that this site offers, register as a member, or view any text or graphics, such activities on your part mean explicitly and definitely that you have read this Agreement and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained herein. Should you not agree to be bound by every term and condition contained in this agreement, you must leave this site promptly and may not retain our services.

Service Package and Related Information

All service packages are subject to modification or cancellation at any time with no prior notice. Trust Haven Solution, Inc., reserves the right to cancel service at any time with no prior notice for any reason they, in their sole discretion, deem appropriate. "Charge-backs," or canceling any fees or service charges paid for with your payment method.

Renewal Policy

You understand that your Trust Haven Solution subscription will renew at the end of your subscription cycle unless explicitly stated otherwise. You will be charged the amount of the then-prevailing subscription charges as per the payment option that you selected at the time of registering with Trust Haven Solution. If you would like to opt out of the 'Auto Renewal', please email us at info@trusthavensolution.com and let our customer service representative know at least 30 days before your subscription end date that you wish to discontinue your services.


If you are dissatisfied with the work performed, you must submit your complaint in writing within seven calendar days of the service being performed; otherwise, you expressly relinquish any ability to dispute the quality of the service and any related refusal to pay our service and related charges. We will act in response to your written complaint as soon as we can and will endeavor to resolve the issues regarding your complaint. All complaints that are not resolved will be resolved by mandatory, binding arbitration as set forth herein.

Failed Service Attempts

We will act in all reasonable ways to establish the nature of the problem(s) that require our professional attention and to locate, analyze, and correct those errors or problems. Nonetheless, we do not promise that, despite our best efforts, we will be able to successfully resolve the problems you have retained us to check up on and repair. Consequently, you are still liable for and must pay us for the time spent attempting to repair your problems even if we cannot, using all reasonable efforts, produce actual repairs.

Expiration of Service

We reserve the right to cancel any prepaid and unused professional time and services that remain on your account if they are not used within a year of the original purchase date. Such unused professional time and services will thus expire and shall not be usable or refundable upon expiration. We shall have no duty to notify you of our decision to expire the unused professional time or services or any pending expiration.

General Site Rules 

Clients, site members, and visitors may not

  • Infringe the law of any jurisdiction while visiting our site or using any service or tool we provide stalk or harass any other user.
  • Conduct any activity that is detrimental or harmful to our site as exclusively determined by us.
  • Post any information or content that is indecent, defamatory, obscene, hateful, blasphemous, intolerant, or hateful or in violation of the laws of any jurisdiction.
  • Upload any material that is harmful to us.
  • Computers are objectionable or abhorrent to our community as a whole.
  • Evasively and dishonestly represent yourself as another person or as a representative of a business or entity that you do not, in reality, represent.

Wrongly and inaccurately represent your professional or business credentials or professional background. In your jurisdiction, you must be of legal adult age to use this site or become a client of this site. In any event, no member or user may be under the age of 18 years. Parents or guardians of minors may enroll as members on behalf of their minor wards or children, but they are solely accountable for the direct supervision of their wards or children while their minors visit the site or use any of the services or tools that the site provides. We may post policies, rules, or guidelines. Upon the posting of such materials from time to time, they immediately become incorporated by reference into this agreement as if fully set forth herein.

The following are some rules that cannot be violated by members or users:

Racially prejudiced, intolerant, "hate," defamatory, "stalking," invitations to fight, threatening, or any post of any nature that we decide, in our sole discretion, is improper and offensive will result in membership termination without any prior notice. * Spamming. Any activity generally described as "spamming" by the Internet Community, such as unsolicited bulk mails or emails or irrelevant or commercially based postings for any purpose, will result in the member's membership being terminated without any prior notice whatsoever to the member. Any user may terminate their membership or use of this site at any time. We reserve the right to terminate any person's or entity's membership or usage at any time for any reason we deem appropriate and proper, with no prior notice to the person or entity whose usage or membership is being terminated. We have also published a privacy policy. The privacy policy is hereby incorporated by reference into this agreement as if completely set forth herein.

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